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Top Recommended DJ Turntables & XDJs: Top Picks

Mixtape reviews and overview of Top Recommended DJ Turntables & XDJs: Top Picks » Top Recommended DJ Turntables & XDJs: Top Picks; uploaded by DJMoreMusic.
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Top Recommended DJ Turntables & XDJs: Top Picks
Top Recommended DJ Turntables & XDJs: Top Picks

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Top Recommended DJ Turntables & XDJs: Top Picks; Based on personal usage, ownership, and testing, these are the top-recommended Vinyl Turntables that I'd suggest to everyone.

My Favorite DJ Turntables and XDJ Recommendations

These are My Top DJ Turntables & XDJ Recommendations

Audio-Technica (AT-LP120X USB)

For me, Audio-Technica turntables have lasted the test of time, allowing me to enjoy mixing for the past 16 years. Although not the most well-known brand, it excels in terms of quality.

Numark (TT250USB)

Numark has become a household name in the music industry, and its goods are unquestionably high-quality. It's also reasonably priced, comparable to Audio-Technica.

Pioneer PLX-1000

Pioneer is one of those high-quality brands that stand out. In comparison to many other turntables I've tested, the turntable's torque is significant.

Pioneer XDJ-700

Industry-standard and leading brand of CDJ turntables, recognized for their high quality and ideal for practising in your own studio if you want to DJ in clubs and pubs.

Why did I pick the Audio-Technica Vinyl Turntables?

Audio-Technica turntables are reasonably priced and provide excellent value for money. When I bought vinyl record turntables, the price was the most important consideration. I had a budget of roughly £400-£500 at the time, and I wanted to spend as little as possible while still getting good quality.

Audio-quality Technica's is comparable to industry-grade turntables, which pleased me. The pitch shift, in particular, has a similar weight to that of high-end turntables like the Technics 1210.

Another important consideration was a direct drive for simplicity of mixing; I had previously used belt-drive turntables and noticed that direct-drive turntables had a significant difference in torque and speed.

The speed settings include 33, 45, and 78, which are ideal for playing a wide range of music.
Another feature that lets you increase the sensitivity of the pitch change is the tempo range button. If you need to increase the sensitivity for extremely sluggish recordings or want to improve your pitch riding, this is a great thing to have.

Why I Picked the Pioneer XDJ-700?

  • The quality was a significant influence in my decision to go with the Pioneer XDJ-700. I have a lot of faith in Pioneer as a brand, and knowing that they dominate the club and bar equipment gives me a lot of confidence.
  • Functionality! In my opinion, there's no purpose in hunting for CD-compatible turntables any longer. Pioneer has made it possible for the CDJ to become the XDJ digital player. The waveform of the audio track can be viewed on the touch screen digital display, which is fantastic.
  • Music inputs are versatile, allowing me to connect my laptop for music and a USB drive for backup music, but Pioneer even goes to the trouble of providing an ethernet cable connector to connect the turntable to other turntables, allowing for a single source of music. Intense!
  • In comparison to my existing vinyl turntables, it is more portable. Because I occasionally need to transport turntables to performances, these Pioneers are smaller and lighter.
  • The price is lower than earlier Pioneer CDJ models, which is a pleasant benefit.

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