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Live Broadcast (On-air) DJ More Music Radio ( Live)

DJ More Music RADiO

Music reviews and overview of DJ More Music RADiO.
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DJ More Music RADiO
DJ More Music RADiO

On at about 20:10:55 PM, DJ More Music RADiO was updated.

DJ More Music Radio: 24-seven Live Broadcast » Online radio and music streaming for free on the internet.

DJ More Music Radio is a free-internet radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day in Africa and the rest of the world.

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Stream Limitlessly–Broadcasting Music—Bitrate; 128kbps.

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While listening to a new/old/evergreen song and while you are already carried away by the rhythm of these songs on DJ More Music Radio's beautiful playlist – you can use always — Shazam for each song. Enjoy your time with us; we hope to see you again.

Our radio player script is designed to handle and store information about data structures in a cache, so it won't burn up too much of your mobile data plan. Come on in! Yes! Utilization is free of charge.

Listen on this page; Join us Live. Yes! No cost to use. FREE!

DJ MoreMusic Radio Popular Genres:

About DJ MoreMusic Radio

We are a group of young music-loving individuals whose mission is to make the world a more beautiful place by putting music in everyone's face.😊 

We are a bunch of people that have all of our senses anchored to the earth😎. We'll take a look. We've heard you. We have a strong odour😊. We take a bite. We have an impression. Then, we combine everything we've learned into an exciting package.

Radio PSA:

DJ MoreMusic Radio — On average, each user listens to 5 hours of our live broadcast per month. We recommend that you review our program list/schedules for every day (Monday through Sunday) to ensure that you are streaming the correct show for continuous new music updates.

Frequencies: We are worldwide; we move with you — DJ MoreMusic Radio.

Free internet radio and music streaming online—Listen to free internet radio, music, news, sports, and podcasts. Every day, DJ MoreMusic Radio broadcasts live, with the latest music, DJ mixes, and exciting playlists.


DJ More Music Radio — We have optimized everything and anything to provide you with the fastest possible experience when streaming limitless latest music and DJ Mixes on a daily basis. DJ More Music Radio broadcasts More Music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

As long as you stay with us, we love you❤️. we are top-listed in the world.

Check Us Out! We are LiVE! Press the Play button at the top to start listening 📻 — Join Our Live Programme Cruise.

DJ More Music RADiO instant indexed bitrate: 160kbps. Listen to this [Music] by Live [ON AiR]: DJ More Music (Free) Internet Online Radio - 24/7 Live Programme – stream high-quality music audio. Check-in.

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Overview and Review of DJ More Music RADiO.
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ODogwu featuring PortabLe #TRENDiNG WorLD-wiDE🌎



Nuci - 2 years ago
"This alone keeps my company every night. Coo"

Alademicheal - 2 years ago
"Listening live from Port-harcourt"

Bizken - 2 years ago
"I love your programs ✅ positive vibes"

Dreycool - 10 months ago
"Positive vibes guys"

Shizzle - 10 months ago
"Please play my song I enjoyed your programme this afternoon"

Nadexhi - 10 months ago
"Hello guys, i love your programme. I am from Ghana i love the rolls of playlist"

FademiVoice - 9 months ago
"Hello DJ More Music Radio, we are currently loving your style and pattern of making us want more music"

FademiVoice - 9 months ago
"New music update mostly played on the radio is a big kudos to you guys"

Ademide - 8 months ago
"Hello Admin, i requested to airplay a particular song last month. we want more for a new one. We are not getting any feedback for the mail sent to [email protected]."

Clinton - 6 months ago
"Good vibes"

Marylene - 6 months ago
"Cool one here"

david - 6 months ago
"Ples play dj mix of undertaker Beat na jam##"

david - 6 months ago
"Ples play dj mix of undertaker Beat na jam##"

david - 6 months ago
"Ples play dj mix of undertaker Beat na jam##"

Ja - 6 months ago

Jude - 5 months ago
"Nice stuffs you got here"

DCP - 5 months ago
"Write a public comment... *listening live all the way from Abeokuta"

Iretioluwa - 5 months ago
"Omonikara we need to watch you as we are listening. Work on that. Kudos!"

Badu - 5 months ago
"Listening live from Uganda"

Badu - 5 months ago
"I have been listening to cool Nigerian African songd"

Jonathan - 5 months ago
"Great programmes. Now I make you my favourite for these cool music"

Arinola - 5 months ago
"Omonikara make sure to always play Oxlade and more love songs. We are feeling you from Ibadan Poly Apete"

DJ Bskit - 5 months ago
"Im in Nigeria and I want a radio jingle DJ Moremusic radio station"

Felix - 5 months ago
"You guys are doing great thanks for the good music"

Felix - 5 months ago
"From Ghana"


ODogwu featuring PortabLe #TRENDiNG WorLD-wiDE🌎

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