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Music Promotion

Music Promotions on DJ MoreMusic Digital Media

Thank You🤭 for your interest in having your music and contents uploaded and promoted on our platform.

We are getting better on a daily counts to attain Nigeria's No. 1 Fast Track Hub to Music and Entertainment — We are thrilled that you chose us. Sincerely, DJ MoreMusic DiGiTAL MEDiA.

DJ More Music DiGiTAL MEDiA as Naija's No. 1 Music Website; we-up-to-date on a regular scheme with contemporary music, videos, and music-news from the fast-growing music industry in Africa, Afrobeats to fans of African music around the world, celebrity gists, entertainment news in series, Hollywood and Nollywood movies and also breaking news.

You can reach a wide range of Nigerian and African audiences who love and are interested in music and entertainment by promoting your music on DJ MoreMusic NG.


🤑Yes! We have a variety of options for online music and content promotion at DJ More Music NG, which are detailed on this page. From our knowledge, we know what works for multiple consumers and what does not work. We have got the organic traffic to keep you ahead of your rivals.

There is no doubt that DJ More Music NG is the best place on the Internet to meet Nigerians and, yes, Africans in each country, with millions of page views per month from our subscribers — We offer a wide range of options that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.

DJ MoreMusic NG is the best place to converse with millions of music lovers with more than Millions of users using our web daily for trending songs.

We've promoted enough tracks with our platform, including our Audiomack Channel, as a booster for your voice – over the last seven years, with millions of downloads. Can we talk about making a special mix between this article and the next one. Anyway, keep reading and scrolling to find out what happens next😎.

DJ More Music Digital Media Visitors Statistics

Monthly Users: 17 Million+ Monthly Users and still shuffling – Yes! 😎🌍 Those who enjoy music and entertainment.
Monthly Pageviews/Downloads: 937 Million+ DJ Mixtape Streams alongside Music Downloads on DJ MoreMusic DiGiTAL MEDiA and yes! with more than 3.7 million unique visitors per month are drawn to DJ MoreMusic DiGiTAL MEDiA. 'cool yeah! yes!' 🥶🥶

😎Join us! Your musical career will never be the same again!

We know how to get your song out there. we know what it takes to get your song around. Let us collaborate – your career in music will never be the same!

Are you with me!? 💃🏾🕺

🥶✅Massive PROMO MENU! 🌍

(Read Details Below)

DJ MoreMusic Promotional Packages

1. 🤖 Regular Package.

Cost: ₦51,000 ($85)

About Regular Promotional Package:-

Depending on your intended audience and country of distribution, the Regular Package will upload your song to the appropriate Music Category (or categories, if you prefer). Please send us an email at [email protected]

2. 🪙 Premium Package.

Cost: ₦24,500 ($60)

About the Premium Promotional Package:-

1. The Premium Package is a heavyweight package in which your song (content) will be uploaded to our Music, Movie, DJ Mix Category (or which one it may be preferred) based on your Target Audience and Country.

2. Your song will be featured on "Trending Songs Right Now," "Hot Pick" (on our homepage), and at random on our "Similar Posts" and that is if you purchase our Premium Package.

NB: For a lower fee of $60, you can own a space on our trending for a week and the post expires with no additional day(s).

The Trending Post expires after a weeks with no additional day(s). You can renew it by sending us an email, and we will put it back at the top TRENDiNG🥶. and again you own a space to get more impressions sticking the existing music post or which post it may be to our Trending Hilltop.

Make Payment Now! Send us an email at [email protected]

3. 📻 RADIO Airplay ▶️ Package.

Cost: (Coming Soon!!!)


About the Radio Airplay Package:- (Coming Soon!!!)

Get more details: email: [email protected]

4. 🥇 GOLD Promotional Package.

Cost: #240,000 ($395)

About the GOLD Promotional Package:-

This is exactly what you need: the GOLD Package. Yes! This is solely for your use. Order now! with the Premium Package, you will get a profile on our artist page (see all A-Z artists in Nigeria/Africa)  as well as a hot street-certified mixtape that everyone can listen to. example: at work, at home, in the car, at the office; anywhere is acceptable.

Marketing and music fans alike have taken notice of these well-respected non-stop dj mixtapes.

The Gold Promotional Package is a bit pricey... 'Yes!' Exactly what I'm saying is true.

These promotional packages are a great way to get started on your carrier like right now. We have created something truly special just for you on ou platform. Let's get this party started! send us an email at [email protected]

5. 🎨Do you want a squeaky clean Graphics Design😎?

Cost: ₦15,100 ($25)

We are new in town! 🧑‍🎨In a matter of minutes, you may have a professional, high-quality piece of artwork with the lowest price and it is the cheapest so far on the internet. Yes! We can whip up a killer design for your upcoming release in no time.

send us a text via Whatsapp at [email protected]


How to Make a Payment?

At the moment, we have the following account available

For a faster response, use the Live Chat feature.

📧 [email protected] | 24/7 customer support

Let us make this a great deal! The sooner you get your hands on one, the better.

See DJ More Music's Trust Profile

Are you an Artist/Brand Manager or Record Label Owner? 

Let's show you the real efficiency of internet promotion on our website, which you can't get anywhere else but on

Send Us the Following Information Regarding Your Song Promotion

  • Send your best professional photo to be included in your biography (Order from Us; If you need a squeaky-clean Graphics Design😎)

  • Send your song, track title, stage name, artwork, producer (optional), release date and a must to send a write-up.

  • Make a transfer for the preferred package; reply to us with a screenshot.


Why you should promote or advertise on DJ MoreMusic NG ?

How Can I Upload a Song, DJ Mix or Comedy Video on DJ MoreMusic NG?

Why isn't my music or comedy video showing up on DJ MoreMusic NG?

How to Stream live on DJ MoreMusic NG?

How long does it take for a song to come on DJ MoreMusic NG?

NB: Let us know which package you'd like to pay for, and we'll send you a bank account where you may deposit your funds. Only get in touch with us if you're willing to pay and promote your new music — Every Gbedu to the WOrLD. ON GoD🙏

Kindly inform us and make your payment a day or two before the official release date. This will allow us to make arrangements for the release of your music/material.

To ensure a high level of quality, we don't always publish tracks and materials right away after receiving the press kit via email. As a result, please allow us one day after submitting all the information requested on this page before expecting a response.

Depending on the urgency of the song's release, we reserve the right to make changes and exclude certain people from the lineup. It means a lot to us.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. On DJ MoreMusic DiGiTAL MEDiA, keep surfing.

Thank You So Much For Your Support! Show Some Love💝💖

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