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Isabella Lovestory - Tacon (feat. Oh!Dulceari & MethMath)

Music reviews and overview of Isabella Lovestory - Tacon (feat. Oh!Dulceari & MethMath).
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Isabella Lovestory - Tacon (feat. Oh!Dulceari & MethMath)
Isabella Lovestory - Tacon (feat. Oh!Dulceari & MethMath)

On at about 20:45:22 PM, Isabella Lovestory - Tacon (feat. Oh!Dulceari & MethMath) was updated.

Isabella Lovestory new song is out titled  'Tacon' featuring OH!DULCEARi and MethMath from her debut album 'Amor Hardcore.'

Isabella Lovestory eleventh studio album, Amor Hardcore, was released on October 5, 2002. Ms Nina, MethMath, DULCEARi, Chucky73, and others all made appearances on the album. The early 2000s reggaeton and edgy pop of 'Amor Hardcore' by Isabella Lovestory.  All the songs are sensuous and beautiful, but she says she wanted them to have an overwhelming feeling. The dramatic tone continues throughout the album's lyrics, which explore the complexities of female sexuality. The lead tune 'Fashion Freak,' for instance, depicts a woman who is so preoccupied with her wardrobe that she eventually has to be restrained in a straight jacket. In 'Cherry Bomb,' another song, the protagonist turns up the temperature. Many of the music videos are self-directed, with the intention of further submerging the spectator or listener in Lovestory's lavish world of neon signs, cherries, and shimmering navel rings.

'I'm a highly visual person,' she says. 'I want to link their visual and auditory experiences.'

In Lovestory's words, hearing Amor Hardcore is like 'when you're so sick to your stomach that you may burst' as a result of being in love. There are love stories, anger stories, and pleasure stories on the record. The hurried, frenzied tone of the piece is immediately engaging. She went on to say, 'I enjoy extremes. Aesthetically and sonically.' For me, the middle ground is where the most interesting and intricate things happen. In contrast, 'in my experience, the worst pain comes from the extremes.'

Isabella Lovestory embodies anarchy, wit, and carefree abandon. The Montreal-based pop diva's post-ironic fashion sense, which sees her wearing everything from graphic tees and light-up stripper boots to blinged-out snapbacks, has earned her a sizable online fanbase. Videos by Isabella Lovestory transport viewers to otherworldly realms reminiscent of early 2000s MTV, where bass-heavy reggaeton mixes with glossy pop songs to blast out instant appeal.

Lovestory moved from her native Honduras to Virginia when she was 13 years old and later settled permanently in Montreal. Her parents are artists, and her father was a radio DJ who introduced Honduran audiences to The Smiths and The Cure. To what extent do you feel that you are a symbol of who you are? In my opinion, that is the essence of Isabella Lovestory. 'Being a pop singer has been my lifelong dream,' she says. However, I take pleasure in turning it into a performance.

Isabella Lovestory grew up watching MTV videos of '00s pop stars like Britney Spears, J. Lo, and Christina Aguilera and listening to distorted reggaeton blaring from the radios of passing cars ('reggaeton makes you feel ferocious and seductive, it's like mating call'). Her adolescence was spent listening to bands like Uffie and Crystal Castles and perusing Tumblr, as Isabella Lovestory relates in her memoir. She explains that when you listen to a wide variety of music, your brain 'microwaves' all of that information into your head, where it is then transformed into a unique blend of different languages, cultures, and musical styles. The music of Isabella Lovestory is praised for its successful fusion of Central American folklore and American pop. She's breaking ground in a male-dominated music scene with her own style of pop-reggaeton, which is eclectic and fresh. She got her start on Soundcloud and this year has seen the release of her debut EP, 'Humo,' as well as three singles. Rolling Stone, Fader, Paper, and Office Magazine have all published her work.


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