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“I Will Not Forgive Her”, Says Woman Who Was Attacked With Hot Water By Co-Wife

“I Will Not Forgive Her”, Says Woman Who Was Attacked With Hot Water By Co-Wife
“I Will Not Forgive Her”, Says Woman Who Was Attacked With Hot Water By Co-Wife

Overview Of: “I Will Not Forgive Her”, Says Woman Who Was Attacked With Hot Water By Co-Wife

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Read News » “I Will Not Forgive Her”, Says Woman Who Was Attacked With Hot Water By Co-Wife; Iklima Musa, is seeking for justice after her co-wife doused her with boiling water in Plateau state.

It was gathered that the women have never gotten along since Iklima joined the family as a second wife three years ago. According to News, after the co-wives had a serious argument, they were separated by their husband, Ate Peter Manomi.

When Iklima came out of her room a few minutes later to gather her clothes from the washing lines, she was allegedly attacked by Justina who poured boiling water on her. The attack has left Iklima with severe burns on her upper body. Their husband, Manomi rushed Iklima to a hospital and she has been on admission at the Sabon Layi Specialist Hospital, Mangu.

Narrating her ordeal to Daily Trust on Saturday, January 2, 2021, Iklima said she will not forgive Justina for the dastardly act.

she explained:-

“I bent down to gather my washed clothes, I didn’t know my co-wife was coming towards me with a bad intention. I wasn’t expecting anything like that because we had been separated after fighting some minutes before. As I was straightening up, she poured hot water on me and I started screaming. Our husband was the first to rush to the scene. Luckily he was not far from the house and heard me screaming. I don’t know what would have happened if he was not close by”.

The clashes between the two women forced Iklima to leave the house in August 2019 and she didn’t return till 2020. Iklima had hoped that Justina would have calmed down after the break.

Iklima said:-

“To my surprise, the very day I returned, she followed me into my room and abused me. We quarreled and even fought. That signaled to me that there was more trouble to come”.

she added:-

“Whoever could do this to you, if opportune, such person could kill you. Unless she can explain to me beyond any reasonable doubt that she didn’t mean to hurt me, I will not forgive her. I am sure this was planned and meant to ruin my life because this is not the first time she would do something evil to me”.

Despite her injuries, Iklima is convinced that her marriage is not over but some conditions need to be met if she were to return to her husband.

she said:-

“I believe that my husband loves me and I love him too. If he can separate the house, I still want to stay with him. But I don’t think I can go back to stay in the same house with Justina”.

Zuwaira Haruna Marwe, Iklima’s mother, was not comfortable with the idea of her daughter returning to Manomi’s house because of the frequent quarrels.

she said:-

“I was in Lagos when the incident occurred. A day after, her sister called me on to say that all was not well with Iklima and that they were in the hospital due to the injuries she sustained”.

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She further said that previously, something was put into Iklima’s bathwater that left her with injured skin.

she said:-

“Something harmful was added to the water and only Allah knows what it was because it was unusual. And that was not too long before the recent incident. I am her mother, so I am very disturbed by what had happened. Justina has cheated on my daughter and ruined her life. All I want is for justice to prevail. I want her to get Justice and ensure that the culprit is brought to book” .

Marwe Abdulganiyu Abubakar is Iklima’s uncle said he was shocked when he saw his niece’s condition at the hospital.

he said:-

“I am so scarred by what has happened to her. The security should do all they could to get the perpetrator arrested and brought to book. If the perpetrator is not dealt with, other people would do the same and go free”.

The husband, Manomi refused to comment on the incident, saying that it is a family matter.

“This is a family issue. This is a personal issue. I don’t want to say anything about it.”

Meanwhile, Barnabas Zumji, the Police Officer in Charge of Gindiri Police Outpost, said they have launched an investigation into the incident.

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Published: 4 months ago

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