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How to Start a DJ Career Using a Laptop
How to Start a DJ Career Using a Laptop

How to Start a DJ Career Using a Laptop

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How to Start a DJ Career Using a Laptop for Free

How Do You Become A DJ With A Laptop? Djing has never been easier to learn than it is now. To be a DJ back in the day, you had to invest in expensive decks, a PA system, and boxes of CDs/types of vinyl.

Nowadays, all you need to become a DJ is a mixer and a USB stick. However, DJing with a laptop is becoming more common.

If you want to learn how to be a DJ with a laptop, I'm here to help. One of the best things I ever did was learn to DJ.

It helped me pay for college and kept me financially afloat while I was there. Anyway, back to the blog.

What Am I Going to Need to DJ on a Laptop?

  • What you need to DJ using a laptop is listed below.
  • A Quality Laptop

What is the best laptop for DJing?

  • There are numerous options for selecting the best laptop for DJing. Before you buy, there are a few things you should think about:

What Kind of DJ Would You Like To Be?

Do you intend to work as a DJ at parties or weddings?

Do you want to work as a club DJ? Or do you want to be a DJ in your own home?

Each one requires different specifications, or to put it another way, reliability.

Performance and Dependability

A party/wedding only requires a little dependability. If your laptop crashes, a simple USB, iPad, or cheap laptop will suffice for some backup.

Virtual DJ is ideal for party DJing because it is more about the music and how the DJ gets the crowd going.

A club DJ must be dependable and perform well. They are both equally important. The last thing you want in a late-night club or bar is for your laptop to crash.

It has happened to me previously, and it is a nightmare. The software must be rebooted, which can take several minutes (but feels like a lifetime).

Side tip: Make sure you have a backup, such as an iPad/USB Key/Backup Laptop.
Most decent nightclubs should have Pioneer CDJs as standard, so a USB key will come in handy.


A good processor is required to run DJ software. I recommend a minimum of an i5. You don't always need an i7.

If you can get one, that's fantastic. If you intend to do any music production, i7s are preferable.

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For laptop DJing, you'll need some decent RAM. 8GB is the absolute minimum. If possible, I would recommend getting 16GB.

One of the most important aspects to consider when DJing with a laptop is dependability. If your DJ laptop is dependable and performs well, you can concentrate solely on playing.

If you intend to use more technical DJ software such as Traktor, Serato, or Abelton Live, I recommend 16GB of RAM.

What Are the Best DJ Laptops?

There are numerous laptop options for DJing.

I know you're probably wondering whether you should use a Mac or a PC for DJing.

The truth is that it makes no difference which you choose.

It has more to do with the internal components of the laptop, such as the RAM and processors.

Most of the top DJs and producers use top-of-the-line MacBook Pros, but they are not required.

It is entirely up to you whether you prefer a PC or a Mac for DJing.

Use whatever you are most at ease with. Simply ensure that it is powerful enough to run the software you require.

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