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How to DJ Deep House (Beginner DJ Guide)

Music reviews and overview of How to DJ Deep House (Beginner DJ Guide) » TRENDY!: How to DJ Deep House (Beginner DJ Guide (Beat); uploaded by DJMoreMusic.
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How to DJ Deep House (Beginner DJ Guide)
How to DJ Deep House (Beginner DJ Guide)
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How to DJ Deep House (Beginner DJ Guide)

Deep House is a fantastic sound in the House music genre. This 'How to DJ Deep House Guide' is for you if you enjoy listening to Deep House but want to start DJing or at the very least be inspired by DJing Deep House.

Follow the steps below to get a solid foundation of knowledge before you begin DJing Deep House. You'll need a solid foundation of DJ abilities and Deep House knowledge to get started.

1. Understand the Deep House Sound


Deep House is defined as a groovy, vocal, and flowing sub-genre of House with a beat rate of 125 to 110 beats per minute.


Deep House is influenced by soul, jazz, and funk sounds, and in certain situations (at least for me), I detect earlier Speed Garage tastes in some tracks, such as Timmy P – What You Sayin.

Drum Pattern

Deep House has the same 4/4 time signature as House, with the same pounding kick drum on every beat.


Some Deep House genres may employ seventh and ninth chords to create repeating chord patterns throughout the music.


Basslines may have a variety of sounds, with some being more dominant in certain tunes and taking the lead. This might indicate that the bass sounds are synthesizers, which are frequently used in conjunction with voices or vocal stabs and chopping throughout the mix.

On the other hand, Deep House tracks with authentic Funk and Soul basslines from Bass Guitar sounds are available. These Deep House tracks begin with a chord rhythm or underlying tone and groove that binds everything together. Occasionally, a sample from an earlier soul or funk classic takes the spotlight.

When a funk/soul sample, vocals, or chord takes centre stage in a song, the bassline is generally less apparent, serving as an underlying tone and rhythm that holds everything together.

Prominent sounds in Deep House include:

  • Drums 4 x4 kick drum with a crisp snare clap combination
  • Bass
  • Chord synths/chord sample stabs
  • Percussion
  • Vocals
  • FX

Here are a few examples to highlight the variations in Deep House.

2. Build a collection of Deep House ready to mix

Popular Artists in Deep House

In this scene, some of my favourite artists are:

  • Saison
  • Pierre Moritz
  • Kerri Chandler
  • Sebb Junior
  • Zetbee
  • Coeo
  • Marshall Jefferson
  • Crackazat

Where to Get Deep House Music (Plus Example Playlist)

To purchase House and Deep House music, go here. Traxsource is something I personally enjoy. Their Deep House section may be found here.

When I visit this fantastic website, it reminds me of crate diving at a record store. Some of the tunes are true Deep House rollers, while others are sort of buried gems.

If that fails, Beatport provides a great selection of top Deep House musicians. Beatport consistently produces the highest-quality music files of any of the downloading websites I've encountered.

Checking out the top 100 Deep House tracks on Beatport might also provide you with some ideas for popular Deep House tunes.

Music Streaming

If you don't like downloading and buying music, you may easily link your Soundcloud or Beatport LINK accounts to your DJ software and avoids downloading anything. (Keep in mind that recording DJ sets with DJ software isn't recommended going to Spotify and browsing for some playlists to get some ideas for DJ sets. It's a fantastic method to discover new and old tunes for your DJ performances.isn't always straightforward.)


In terms of gaining inspiration for building your DJ sets, I’d recommend getting on Spotify and searching for some playlists. It’s a great way to find new and old tracks that can work well for your DJ sets.

3. Learn to Beatmatch

Beatmatching is the process of aligning two beats such that they strike at the same time.

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This implies that two beats will be played at the same BPM, such as 124 bpm, and both kick drums will be hitting at the same time. When both tracks are "in the mix," you won't be able to tell which is which, and the beat will remain consistent (which is great for keeping your audience bopping and dancing along to your DJing).

How to beatmatch?

  1. Simply hit the SYNC button on your DJ controller, and the DJ software will use the grids snapped to the beats to automatically beat match. This is ideal for amateur DJs who want to have some fun with DJing. If you're serious about DJing as a career, you should avoid using the SYNC button since technology can fail.
  2. The basic method of beat matching is by ear, utilizing the pitch shifter on the turntable, as well as the jog wheel to gently align beats to be exactly matched. DJ software and current DJ equipment allow you to see what each track's tempo is, making it much easier to adjust the pitch shifters to match the BPM displayed on the digital displays / DJ software.

4. Practice creatively mixing Deep House tracks

EQ & Filter Blends

On both Channels of your DJ mixer, there are EQ (High, Mid, Low) knobs that enable you to modify the frequencies of each track. When compared to merely toggling the crossfader, blending in and out of each frequency might provide you more flexibility.

On DJ mixers and DJ controllers, LPF and HPF are typical functions. With a single switch, you may alter the frequencies that are heard through the speakers. HPF will play all high-end frequencies, whereas LPF will play all bass frequencies (till virtually inaudible).


A DJ's best buddy is looping. It gives you complete control over a number of things, including:

  • Looping a track at the beginning or finish of a track offers you extra time to beatmatch or allows you to blend in a track without panicking.
  • When transitioning into a drop, looping for build-up effects. Making an 8-bar loop shorter and shorter till it nearly sounds like its own sound effect can work incredibly nicely. Adding reverb or echo to a looping transition may definitely make it sound more professional in the mix transition.

Mix Using Acapellas

You could come across some tunes that don't have much of a vocal component or are entirely instrumental. Acapellas (single-track vocals) can help you spice up your DJ performances.

You could, for example, layer an acapella that sounds like an old classic over a fresh new Deep House tune. It's a clever method to pique the interest of both older and newer music listeners at the same time.

Harmonic Mixing

Harmonically matched music files may make a DJ performance seem even smoother in transition throughout the mix. The transitions between tracks are smooth and seamless.

DJ software like Rekordbox, Serato, and Traktor is great at identifying other tracks in your playlist that are in the same key and have similar harmonics.

Mixed In Key is a piece of software that allows you to upload your music collection and have Key and Energy information added to each track. After that, you may import it back into your DJ program. As a result, you may find music songs that are compatible in key.

5. Build a playlist & record a DJ set

Playlist Building

My recommendation is to create both manual and automated playlists in the DJ program where you've gathered all of your songs.

Start by constructing a short playlist for your Deep House music, perhaps 40 to 60 tracks, to allow you to practice DJing and mixing a 30 to 60-minute performance.

Here are a handful of articles from the Beatmatch Guru website that can help you organize your playlists more effectively.

Recording DJ Sets

Recording your first DJ set in Deep House is going to be great if you’ve completed the steps above. Stick with 30 minute DJ mixes at the beginning to to get used to your Deep House music tracks.

Recording can be relatively easy by clicking record on your DJ software. Alternatively, check out the below article to help you with recording options for your DJ mixes.

Related Questions

How can I become a good house DJ?

Practice with a goal in mind If you know what you're doing when it comes to Deep House music, it'll only be a matter of time before you're a decent House DJ. Playing live in front of friends or strangers will provide you with invaluable experience. When compared to studying on your own, taking an online DJ course may significantly improve your DJing talents.

Who is the best deep house DJ?

Kerri Chandler, Larry Heard (Mr Fingers), and Frankie Knuckles are some of the most well-known original DJs. Dam Swindle, Black Coffee, Black Loops, and COEO are some of the more recent DJs to enter the scene.

What BPM is Deep House?

Deep House generally has a BPM of 110 to 125.

Final DJ Tips for mixing Deep House

Track selection inspiration may be found by following DJs on YouTube channels.

Chris Luno is a superb House DJ with a fantastic YouTube account that features smooth and efficient mixes, as well as some amazing venues where he DJs. He plays a wide range of House music, including progressive, deep, and melodic styles.

I think his style of DJing really great and lends perspective on mixing a genre vs sub-genre. Why stick with one sub-genre when you can cater to all vibes and sit under the umbrella of HOUSE music.

Definitely, a DJ to watch and learn from, since he has some hidden gems in his DJ sets that you can apply in your own.

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