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Gilla Band - Eight Fivers

Music reviews and overview of Gilla Band - Eight Fivers.
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Gilla Band - Eight Fivers
Gilla Band - Eight Fivers

On at about 12:46:38 PM, Gilla Band - Eight Fivers was updated.

The new song "Eight Fivers" off the new Gilla Band album, "Most Normal," is by the Irish post-punk and noise rock group.

Gilla Band, an Irish post-punk and noise rock band, has released a new tune named "Eight Fivers" off their new album, "Most Normal."

Dara Kiely, guitarist Alan Duggan, bassist Daniel Fox, and drummer Adam Faulkner formed the band in 2011. Their career started with the song "In My Head" in 2012, followed by "You're a Dog," which led to them building live followings in both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Following the single, the band released the self-produced France 98 EP, which was recorded live and distributed through Any Other City.

Gilla Band then released a rendition of techno musician Blawan's "Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?" which boosted their fame and fan base, paving the way for a handful of UK tour dates in April 2013.

Gilla Band, formerly known as Girl Band, released a succession of limited 7′′ singles on Any Other City Records in 2014 before signing to Rough Trade Records in December 2014.

The record agreement came about when Geoff Travis, the label's founder, watched them play many times and wanted to "enable what [the band] was doing [at the time] on a larger scale."

Gilla Band was granted complete creative power and the ability to manufacture their own albums. In September 2015, Rough Trade released their self-produced first album Holding Hands With Jamie.

Gilla Band released "Shoulderblades," their first single in four years, in June 2019. In August 2019, a second single named "Going Norway" was released. The tracks are singles from the band's second album, The Talkies, which was released on September 27 on Rough Trade.

The album's repetitive and experimental sound is distinguished by the usage of effects-laden guitars, abstract stream-of-consciousness lyrics, and stylistic borrowings from techno and industrial music.

The album has been characterized as noise rock and post-punk by critics, with many applauding its dark and frightening tone.

The band announced its name change from Girl Band to Gilla Band in November 2021. The band declared that they changed their name because it was a "misgendered name," and that their previous name may have "promoted a culture of non-inclusivity."

The first album of the band was positively welcomed by music reviewers. The band was described as "full of sound and fury" by The Guardian, which stated that "this Irish four-piece howls at you from the very start, an unbroken series of thumping, crashing songs strewn with fractured, imagistic lyrics."

Kiely's vocal delivery "certainly sounds believable," according to Rolling Stone. But he doesn't appear to be embarrassed about it, either - more like a guy who's turned his fish-belly skin and concave abs into a creepy point of pride." The band was likened to Liars and Nick Cave's Birthday Party by Rolling Stone.

According to drummer Adam Faulkner, "most of the bands we get compared to we don't really listen to." Bad Brains, James Chance and the Contortions, Neu!, and The Chemical Brothers are among the band's influences.

Gilla Band has so far released a number of singles and EPs, as well as the critically acclaimed album Holding Hands with Jamie (2015) and, following a hiatus in 2016-7 due to health issues, the techno and glam influenced The Talkies (2019).

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Overview and Review of Gilla Band - Eight Fivers.
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