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Can a Disc Jockey (DJ) Sell His or Her Mixes Online?

Podcast reviews and overview of Can a Disc Jockey (DJ) Sell His or Her Mixes Online? » Can a Disc Jockey (DJ) Sell His or Her Mixes Online?; uploaded by DJMoreMusic.
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Can a Disc Jockey (DJ) Sell His or Her Mixes Online?
Can a Disc Jockey (DJ) Sell His or Her Mixes Online?
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Read! Can a Disc Jockey (DJ) Sell His or Her Mixes Online?

Many DJs and music producers have been creating mixes for decades, but are they able to sell them online?

This is a question that many people have. Depending on who you ask, the answer will differ. Some will answer yes, while others will respond no. We'll look at both sides of the debate in this blog post so you can decide what to do with your mixtapes!

What exactly is a DJ mix?

A DJ mix is a carefully curated collection of songs that a DJ carefully curates to create a single continuous mix. They can be made with either new or old songs. Nonetheless, the goal is to provide listeners with an experience unlike any they have ever heard before!

Some DJs will only play their mixes, whereas others may use them to promote upcoming gigs and shows. Of course, some people create mixtapes solely for themselves—it all depends on what you want from your music collection!

The attraction of DJing is having complete control over the moods and energy levels of any given room. This usually involves deciding which tracks go well together so that everyone feels good when they walk away at the end of a night.

Why would anyone want to consider buying a DJ mix?

Someone may want to buy a DJ mix because the artist has a new release coming out and wants their music to be on it, or because they are a huge fan of the DJ.

Someone may also purchase an individual mix if they were unable to attend the show but wanted to hear what was played!

Many DJs also sell them online, so you can find someone near you who is selling mixes for your favourite genre, DJ name, and so on. It is extremely simple to conduct an online search!  Examples: DJ MoreMusic, DJ Kaywise, Dj Spinall, DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ Kentalky and so on... they all got great mixes. Check them out on our mixtape category

This also helps other people discover new music; we all know how difficult it can be to find something good in our town at times! And with these sites selling everything from dubstep mixtapes to old-school hip hop mixes, there's no shortage of great music to buy.

How do you go about selling your mixes online as a Disc Jockey?

You can sell your DJ mixes online by listing them on websites such as Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify? I am not sure about that... LoL

You can also use sites like Audiomack, SoundCloud to upload a mix for people to listen to but these are free sites that anyone can use.

There is no central resource for DJs selling their mixes to sell physical copies of the albums online, which means you would have to set up an account with each site separately!

If someone wants to buy one of your mixes, they will follow the normal procedure of searching by genre or name and adding songs to their cart as needed. Once they've found what they're looking for, they proceed to the checkout.

If a customer likes something in your store, include them in any future marketing campaigns so they can find you again.

Where should I sell my mixes on the internet?

Your website is most likely the best place to sell your DJ mixes online. If you already have a website, there is no need to pay for a third-party service that you will most likely not use to its full potential.

If you don't already have a website, there are a few other options. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are the two most popular.

Both provide excellent marketing features that allow you to be found more easily when people search for DJ mixes online or buy music in general. They also enable users to make their content available offline, allowing them to listen to it even when they are not connected to WiFi or a data plan at the time.

SoundCloud Pro is an upgrade that allows you to upload tracks with up to 320kbps audio quality (it's free). Furthermore, they provide unlimited storage space for all videos, including visuals such as cover art and.gif images. That's great for those who want to sell their mixes and include visuals to help people remember what's in them.

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Bandcamp, on the other hand, allows you to upload an unlimited amount of audio and video content and sell music in any digital format (MPEG-AAC,.mpg,.mov., Ogg Vorbis), as well as set your own price for your mix or album. If you want to make money from merchandising, they also have a Bandcamp Merch store where you can do so.

Who should I sell my mixes to when I sell them online?

When selling DJ mixes online, it's necessary to keep in mind who you're aiming for. Assume you want a large following of fans who are willing to buy your mixes. In that case, Bandcamp may be a better fit for you because they allow you to sell music directly from their website as well as make money from merchandising.

SoundCloud, on the other hand, is probably what will best suit your needs if you're looking for more free promotional features without having to worry about marketing or creating new mixed content.

Social media is another way to reach your target audience. On Facebook, for example, the audience can be targeted to a specific age group or location via ads and promoted posts.

When it comes to Twitter, make sure your feed is full of tweets about upcoming mix releases so that people are always on the lookout for new content from you in their feeds.

YouTube has repeatedly proven to be one of the most popular websites for DJs promoting their mixes online for marketing purposes. Furthermore, the site provides a variety of features, such as embedding music players into other websites, making sharing mixes easier than ever before!

This way, when someone sees your tracklisting (which should include both links and embedded videos), they'll know exactly what song is playing, how long it lasts, and can even buy the mix if they want.

What are the advantages of selling your mixes on the internet?

The advantages of selling your DJ mixes online are enormous!

The ability to reach a much larger audience and earn more money is only the beginning of how an online store can assist you as a DJ. When people buy your mixes, they are supporting your music career, so every penny counts.

When it comes to gaining new fans for your work while also selling merchandise or even tickets to future events, social media marketing comes in handy.

For example, if someone purchases one of your mix albums from iTunes, their friends may see the link and decide to purchase something as well!

DJs can create an additional incentive for purchasing from them rather than other places such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal by using promo codes or discounts available through certain stores such as Beatport.


However, many other DJs will tell you they never sold their music because it was too difficult to do in the past. With services like SoundCloud Pro now available at reasonable prices, no DJ should be unable to sell his or her work!

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