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Brymo - Oṣó

Album reviews and overview of Brymo - Oṣó » FULL ALBUM!: Brymo - Oṣó MP3 Download; uploaded by DJMoreMusic.
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Brymo - Oṣó
Brymo - Oṣó
On at about 13:20:45 PM, Brymo - Oṣó was updated.

Stream Full album, Mp3 Download » Brymo - Oṣó; Brymo — Studio album by Brymo; a Nigerian singer, has released his sixth studio album, beautifully titled 'Oṣó'.

Oso; a studi album by Brymo — It was independently released on March 27, 2018. Mikky Me Joses produced the entire album, which features 11 songs, three of which were recorded in Yoruba—these tracks are titled as follow's: No Be Me, Mama, Heya, Patience and Goodluck, God is in your mind, Time is so Kind, Entropy, Money Launderer and Heartbreakers, Olanrewaju, Olumo, Banuso—Oso a Studio album by Brymo.

Oṣó by Brymo—Brymo has finally released his sixth studio album, dubbed 'Oṣó' as a follow-up to his critically acclaimed "Kltôrs" album from 2016. The album contains a total of 11 tracks.

From the rhythmic “No Be Me” to the reflective “God is In Your Mind,” which was inspired by the work of a Ghanaian fine artist and featured Brymo's vocal prowess accompanied by David Ubani's strong guitar riff, to the soulful “Bá'ns,” O is Brymo embracing his destiny as Africa's leading figure in the arts—Studio album by Brymo.

Brymo has blessed listeners with his strongest work to date – an atmospheric, introspective set built on masterful songwriting, philosophy, and rhythm—dedicated to keeping his art sacred.

From the rhythmic “No Be Me” to the reflective “God is In Your Mind,” which was inspired by the work of a Ghanaian fine artist and featured Brymo's vocal prowess accompanied by David Ubani's strong guitar riff, to the soulful “Bá'ns,” O is Brymo embracing his destiny as Africa's leading figure in the arts —Read more about—References: Brymo Oṣó on Wikipedia.

Brymo Oṣó Album Track List

  1. Brymo - No Be Me

  2. Brymo - Mama

  3. Brymo - Heya!

  4. Brymo - Patience and Goodluck

  5. Brymo - God Is in Your Mind

  6. Brymo - Time Is so Kind

  7. Brymo - Entropy

  8. Brymo - Money Launderers and Heart Breakers

  9. Brymo - Ọlánrewájú

  10. Brymo - Olúmọ

  11. Brymo - Bá’núsọ

Oso studio album by Brymo is Available on:-  Spotify  |   YouTube Music  |   Deezer

Studio album review 'Oso by Brymo'

Every work of art has a backstory; the artist focuses his mind on a subject (or a set of subjects) and carefully crafts his ideas using various elements. Brymo's Osó is a perfect example of this. What he's done here can only be described as "sorcery."

Brymo is one of the few master storytellers in the music industry. His discography is self-explanatory. From Brymstone to Son Of A Kapenta, Merchant Dealers & Slaves (MDS), Tabula Rasa, Klitoris, and now Osó, you can hear a set of distinct themes that stick with you no matter how many times you listen to them.

On ‘No Be Me,' Brymo begins with a mix of soft sounds, including saxophone and base guitar. He talks about an unmarried lady running out of time, and how our leaders are fattening themselves while the people suffer.

Anyone who remembers MDS's Dear Titilope and Son Of A Kapenta's Rendezvous will recognize a tune like 'Mama.' The second track on the album is an interlude, a letter to his mother in which he tells her how far he has come (far further than his father) and how nothing has changed since he was born.

Leave Brymo in a room with a piano or instruments of any kind, and what you will hear will certainly blow your mind. That is what ‘Heya’ did when I listened. ‘Some dey work and some dey pray, time just dey pass us by’ – a calm Brymo cautions you.

‘The drug for sorrow na attitude’ –  Patience and Good luck work in hand in hand; well according to Brymo they do. If you lose your passion, with time you will find it. A strong message for the weak at heart is what track 3 entails.

God Is In Your Mind – Certainly my favourite song off the album. With a tap into Indie and soul music, the wizard in Brymo uses enchantments to awaken your spirituality. Your ‘God’ is faceless, nameless, but one place he dwells is in your mind. The lyrical texture of this song is so deep and at the same time frightening!

Time Is So Kind’ – to the blind. You truly can’t tell time when you are lost. Brymo continues to preach.

Entropy – Inspired by heartbreak, an entropic Brymo pours out his emotion to his former lover. Not sure why, but enlisting this song shows dynamism and flexibility of the album.

More like a jonzing song, he tells us about the company he keeps. Check the society today, it is hard not to find Money Launderers and Heart Breakers among the youths. Brymo did not hide their bad doings when he said ‘and all we do is weed weed, we are grinding when you sleep.

In the concluding part of this masterpiece, Brymo returns to the root with 3 tribal songs; OlanrewajuOlumo and Banuso.

Appraising his son, Olanrewaju, Brymo talks about different times and challenges the young chap will face on his journey through life while pleading to Olanrewaju not to grow too quickly.

Olumo is another enchanting song. With folklore instrumentals, Brymo appeases the Olumo deity with sonorous, deeply rooted appraisals to the popular rock situated in the capital city of Abeokuta.

Words of advice; Banuso, banuso, ma ba eniyan so o’. Confide in yourself; never share your deepest secrets with people. Brymo pens his final admonition.

It is important to point out that album reviews sometimes cannot objectively analyze the depth and breadth of such body of work. For Osó and the likes from other artistes who do conscious music, it could take up to a year or more to fully digest its content.However, this review would have to do.

Osó takes you on a magical journey of time travel, through sounds and connotations that would sometime in the future be fully appreciated. The philosophy of this album centers around time, change, and generally the phases of human life. This is what makes it very relatable and timeless.

The instrumentation is on another level entirely, it is as if Mikkyme Joses has grown alongside Brymo and their synergy is stronger and better coordinated.

Conclusively, I say Osó would grow into a classic. Brymo’s songwriting skills have certainly improved beyond many proportions. This is an album to keep for as long as eras and eons tarry.

Don't forget to add Oso to your everyday playlist. ENJOY!!!

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Overview and Review of Brymo - Oṣó.
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