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Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives

Music reviews and overview of Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives » STREAM SONG!: Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives Mp3 Download; uploaded by DJMoreMusic.
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Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives
Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives

On at about 02:21:50 AM, Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives was updated.

A talented Nigerian musician named Beautiful Nubia encourages listeners in his ever-green song Seven Lives to stop wasting time and start living from now on.

This new single by Beautiful Nubia, a famous Nigerian singer, songwriter, and poet, is absolutely incredible. This artist's song has been making waves since the '90s, and it's finally available for free download on DJ more music.

Seven Lives As I travel the globe by land and sea, I am exposed to a wide variety of societies and lifestyles. I was born in a place where there is no night and no morning, where the heat is constant and second skin. There are children crying in the streets, and cars are making a lot of noise.

The land is drying up, and the population's morale is plummeting. My ancestors are urging me to keep going no matter how tired or weak I get. My African pride is about to burst at the seams. My father had me hide out behind a tree on the farm. He instructed me to get on my knees and recite some prayers.

Then he told me about my brave ancestors and said, "Look into my eyes son, you were born to be great." So I followed my dad home at dusk with a hoe. Tuning in to the night's rumblings and the birds' melodies Lyrics: "I'm an African boy, and I've got seven goats, seven beads, seven cowries, seven nuts, and seven lives," I am an African boy; I will be courageous and strong whether I am crossing the ocean, travelling across the land, climbing a mountain, or living in the wild.

Mr Segun Akinlolu (born 11 November 1968) The songs of Beautiful Nubia draw from a wealth of folkloric traditions and indigenous wisdom, but their central themes—the importance of appreciating one's own life, valuing nature, and finding ways to live in harmony with others—are universal.

Nubia's Stunning Seven Lives — The songs advocate for a more equitable society in which everyone is free and equal, giving a voice to those who are otherwise unheard. It encourages people to speak out when their rights are being violated anywhere in the world, while also fostering a climate of love and tolerance.

Download "Beautiful Nubia Seven Lives Mp3 7 Lifes" after the jump.

"Seven Lifes" from the album Jangbalajugbu by Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band, available on Digital Stores

Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives instant indexed bitrate: 160kbps. Listen to this [Music] by STREAM SONG!: Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives Mp3 Download – stream high-quality music audio. Check-in.

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Overview and Review of Beautiful Nubia - Seven Lives.
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