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Ase - Ogie

Music reviews and overview of Ase - Ogie.
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Ase - Ogie
Ase - Ogie

On at about 05:21:46 AM, Ase - Ogie was updated.

Mp3 download » Ase - Ogie; a rising music star, kicks off the year 2021 with the single "Ogie." Ogie is a nice tune, with melodious rhythm and vocals, produced by YB Gabana and mixed and mastered by mikaba.

Ogie - Ase—One can't help but notice the aspect of versatility, as good rhythm blends with the fast-rising star's peculiar vocals an unquestionably perfect fusion that's sure to become a fan favourite.

Ase discusses the struggle that people face when they travel overseas in search of greener pastures; when they don't make it, people mock them; and eventually, when they do, people accuse them of performing rituals to obtain their money and wealth. Ogie was written by Ase.


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Overview and Review of Ase - Ogie.
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