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Anisere Akinade's Political Maladies

Featured reviews and overview of Anisere Akinade's Political Maladies » Anisere Akinade's Political Maladies; uploaded by DJMoreMusic.
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Anisere Akinade's Political Maladies
Anisere Akinade's Political Maladies

On at about 09:18:23 AM, Anisere Akinade's Political Maladies was updated.

The APC PRIMARY ELECTION is a well-written MELODRAMA – The Maladies of Politics by Anisere Akinade

For the benefit of those who did not or only superficially study literature, a melodrama is a form of drama in which music is used to heighten the dramatic or tragic effects of specific scenes. Amusing songs by a disc jockey were used in the APC primary election to achieve the same effect. Video should be submitted to the OSCAR Awards for consideration, according to my own personal opinion

We saw actors who had gone through a series of mischievous indoor rehearsals before appearing on stage to play a specific role as directed by an experienced and elderly director, and who had long since transformed into the status of a Demigod.

It's easy to compare the so-called delegates to Judas in the Bible, who tried to sell Jesus for a few shillings in exchange for deciding the fate of millions of Nigerians.

In other words, you might be wondering why someone who paid 100 million naira for an official presidential application will step aside for someone else so easily: As established by the script director, there is absolutely nothing to lose in this scenario, as there will certainly be mouthwatering compensations in the form of pay and political appointments for those who took part in the scheming behind the scenes.

While the older generation participates in Nigerian politics, the younger generation is either forced to be spectators or subjected to laughable puppets. So much for the ideals of representative government.

Yahaa Bello, a minor character, was my favorite actor in the movie, and he was chosen as the comic relief character. It's possible that the fact that he built a major flyover bridge in Kogi State was enough to qualify him as an SUG presidential aspirant in the eyes of the electorate.

I'm excited to see the action unfold on a larger stage, where the JAGABANS, the ATIKULATED, and the PETER OBIDED will all be present. It's going to be one of the most staged melodramas ever. Meanwhile, if you want to appear in it, make sure you have your PVC on hand. #NyscDiary #ApcPrimary #GetYourPVC @SI Magazine

Anisere Akinade

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Overview and Review of Anisere Akinade's Political Maladies.
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