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Adol Orin - Obìnrin (Official Video)

Video reviews and overview of Adol Orin - Obìnrin (Official Video).
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Adol Orin - Obìnrin (Official Video)
Adol Orin - Obìnrin (Official Video)

On at about 03:04:58 AM, Adol Orin - Obìnrin (Official Video) was updated.

Adol Orin, The artist Adol Orin has re-entered into limelight with the release of this new single and music video, "Obinrin."

Adol Orin's vocals in this delightful song stand out because he reaches high and low tones with ease and eloquently interprets the lyrics. His expression of love and affection for his wife in the video will enthrall the viewers.

View the exotic video by Davies Bassey on YouTube and your preferred television networks. Adol Orin's seductive voice is simply impossible to resist. Obirin, a brand-new song by Adol Orin for the year 2022, Across all social media channels, pay attention, share, and offer him comments.

Adol Orin, popularly known as "Aji ko igba Orin," released the song "Obirin" on all digital streaming services — LISTEN TO/BUY THE WHOLE SONG HERE

Obìnrin; a song by Adol Orin; In English, Obìnrin’ in Yoruba Language means "female. girlfriend, woman," in English— Ise Orinmany other songs by Adol-orin went viral and with over ten years of vocal experience, his 2009 hit single, "Orin," pouplarly sang as 'ise orin lo'ri ran mi' soared to the top of the charts and remained there for weeks. You may be older now when you discover Adol Orin, 'lol' 🤪🤑 but you will remember his mellow vocals from years ago — Adol Adores Women On New Single 'Obinrin'

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Overview and Review of Adol Orin - Obìnrin (Official Video).
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